Screaming, drunk, disorderly...

i'll tell you mine.

... i'll tell you mine
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Alcohol is Drunken Love!

Head Automatica is love
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i once met a man and asked him if it were true that when you get older you become wiser. he said that the only answer was to get older. looking back to when i was a kid, i realize now that my ignorance was a virtue. i saw the world in colors and shapes. now my nerves keep me awake at night. i think about the future and what i want to do with my life. i asked that same man if he had any advice for me. he told me to quit living and start breathing. "Look around at the life you lead. listen to the wind and the trees. take time to smell the ocean breeze and sleep on the beach." he said that the beauty of this world was in it's complexity and that our lives for the most part are ordinary. he told me to never stop painting, but mostly never stop creating. "you're as free as your mind will let you be. so, what's holding you back?" he asked, "fear or laziness??"
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