September 13th, 2006

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i stayed at purchase for a few nights. it was probably the last time i'd get to visit or see anyone that goes there until thanksgiving. me and chris drove up together. we partied at jay, hunter, scott, josh, lakota, and dan's apartment basically the entire time. all of anglins new friends are really cool too. i don't know, theres nothing really to write about considering that all we did for three days was drink, eat, and stare at eachother a lot. '

this morning i got a laptop for school. i got the new macbook which was the exact one i wanted. it was pretty weird when my stepdad actually told me i could get it. i have no idea how to use it whatsoever. it's pretty fun to type of though, and it's small, and white.

i think i'm getting really sick. i feel really congested. and my head feels like it's going explode. i might now be sleeping enough. i went to 5.50 tuesday yesterday with sashi for the first time in forever. accepted was such a great movie and one of the characters reminded me of eric fairchild so much! i'm probably going to go draw more. maybe i'll write more later on.

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