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so when i last left off, about six days ago, i sounded pretty miserable, upset, lost, and hopeless. i think shortly after i realized what was wrong. i remembered that the reason i hadn't gone absolutely mad over the school year was because of boces, and the projects i'd get caught up in. i haven't drawn anything all summer, which is okay because nobody really draws all summer unless they are taking classes. kristina, ott, and alyssa all haven't drawn anything all summer either, although i think ott did a lot of sewing. well, that's alright cause who has time for anything besides partying during the summer? once all my friends were away at school, it wasn't okay. the first few days they were gone, i did nothing. i watched television, slept, and ate junk food. i knew exactly what i had to do. the next day i went out and got a brand new sketchbook. let me just tell you, best idea ever. my mind is so clear now. i draw whatever i feel like drawing, what i'm thinking about, i write down my thoughs in envelopes and add them in, whatever it is i feel like doing. it's around the same size as my sketchbook from before summer, which is pretty big, if any of my friends remember me lugging it around. the point is, i've had this sketchbook for about five days and it's already half way full. i've gotten so much out, thought of so many new ideas, caught up on what i've missed, and when i'm doing nothing but drawing all day, i don't feel like i'm wasting away. the last few days i've felt pretty great. i still see a select few people a lot. well, since my phone has turned into my new digital camera, i took some pictures of my favorite pages from my sketchbook before. i only took pictures of a few, because if i took pictures of all of them, my phone would explode. it's not nearly as good as my previous sketchbook, but it's just a place to put down stuff. i always meant to post pictures of that sketchbook but i just never did. all of my best friends have already seen it anyways. well, if you remember how that book was witty and creative. this book is weird and stupid. a lot of the pictures aren't done. i wanted to just get some general ideas down and then finish it all gradually. i named the sketchbook, "my month at home."

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also unfinished.

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(cause it feels like you.)

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the terminator!

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when sashi saw this she said, "this is bat country!"

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drawn during the blackout.

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i said,
promise me that, no matter how old i am,
even if i am 30, i can be the flower girl
at your wedding. -jenna"
he replied,
"no jenna,
that is a terrible idea. you're stupid
for even asking."
then wrote again,
no, you can't be my flower girl because
you'll probably be drunk and i don't want
you dropping flowers all crooked and fucking
up my wedding. -kevin"

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the drunken sexy eyes!

maybe, i'll post more another time.
i hope it doesn't look too dumb.
leave thoughts.
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Amazing. :)
whore-whore, i love you.
i want to see you before i leave!
youre so talented
oh man, thankyou! but i've said it before,
i really don't deserve any credit,
it's really more about ideas with me than actual ability.
i just fuck around and draw cartoons.
dood, you draw hands awesome.
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i think that should speak for itself, i love you!
sweet stuff, pooky. I just had to buy so many art supplies, so I'll have a lot of stuff too! Oh and guess what, I'm taking a webmaster class lol 8)
that's cool. yeah, it must be comforting to know you're not the only webmaster out there. i'm so pumped for school, that's when i'm really going to stop fucking around with sketches and make some real shit.
holy shit, first entry ever that i can comment on..

uhh.. they are amazing.
hahaha, yeah, i usually ramble and don't want feed back.
thanks, berg! it's always good to hear from you!
last ones my fav
first of all eric rios, where have you been?
and second of all, thankyou, dear, that's my favorite too.
that and the first one.
i love hte sexy drunken eyes one as well!
post me up here bitchhh!
laaaaaaav you
it's still not done. i'm so lazy but i love you! you're home right now and once its done i'll make sure i post it!

Deleted comment

i know how its actually going, i'm just letting you know, there will be atleast 4 different times, for months that you will have a total realization of the situation and several times you will tell yourself and others youre getting better. the sooner you realize the consequences and how to make things right, the better.

i'm leaving in a few dayssssss for art school.
love it.
love you.
miss you.
sonia! i miss you too! lets hang out when were both back on long island for thanksgiving!